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Description:   With this applet you'll be able to visualize formulas by building a tree with your mouse.

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M.O.D.E.L. MODEL is a C++ library to analyse and simulate various kinds of rate equations which describe Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs). However, it can be used to simulate other physical systems as well.

MKV to virtualdub Make possible to use mkv files in virtualdub. Just type in command prompt: mkv_to_virtualdub.exe -i "input file" -o "output file" Important: Don't forget the double quotes. Standalone aplicationOS independent

MRockola Application emulate a Jukebox (Rockola) play audio, video and karaoke files. For GNU/Linux and Windows xp,vista, 7Es un programa para emular el funcionamiento de una sinfonola o video rockola tradicional puede visualizar tambien archivos de karaoke. Para GNU/Linux y Windows xp, vista y 7. Play ...

M.I.O.C. Attraverso questo programma A? possibile monitorare le attivita di una rete di utenti che utilizzano This software was developed to monitor activity over the program of Office Automation 3.3 of a network of users. The server module lets you record the macro actions ...

AAIO Advanced I/O Library Many people moving from Windows programming to UNIX program have problems with the missing non-blocking getch() and getche() functions provided by conio.h. This library provides the functionality of getch(), getche() and kbhit().

B.O.S.S BOSS (Best Organizer Supervisor System) is an application managing University course's plannings. It is a JAVA written application. Project in beta version becomes ZephIR project :

Hymn-O-Matic Hymn-O-Matic is a Java Swing application to assist pastors and music directors in selection of hymns. Hymns can be searched by hymnal, hymn number, hymn name, scripture reference, occasion or topic, hymn of the day, or user comments.

JMatIO - Matlab's MAT-file I/O in JAVA Matlab's MAT-file I/O API in JAVA. Supports Matlab 5 MAT-flie format reading and writing. Written in pure JAVA.

S.O.D.A. - Simple Object Database Access S.O.D.A. is a an object API to communicate with databases.The current specification is focussed on queries.Goals are: type safety, object reuse, minimum string use, programming language independance.

Tornado O/R Mapping Engine [RETIRED] Tornado/DB is an object-relational mapping engine for Java. Featuresinclude object caching, multi-table inheritance, compound keys, relationships, XML config., JSP tags, small footprint.

Formula Converter Formula Converter is a general conversion tool for mathematical software to convert math formulae from one format to another. formula conversionformula evaluation library

FormulaOne My first project. Select a Formula and compute the results. Windows user can download a working example. Everybody else can checkout the repository. Enjoy.

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